Father to the Fatherless

Psalm 68



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As a child I grew up in a household with my great-grandparents, and my grandmother who had adopted me. The only father I knew in my young life was my great-grandfather, he was a wonderful man, I remember him being very tall, even though he was stooped over with a growth on his back. He would sit me on his knee and call me his little angel. He was the only man in my life and I adored him. He died when I was 7 yrs old. God became my Father when I was 16 yrs old and the years between 7 and 16 when I did not have a father's protection were not so good.

Our Amble through the Bible today continues with Psalm 68 and talks about God the Father, as a Father to the Fatherless among other wonderful things; a strong Father who is deserving of praise for being such a great father. This one is particularly important to me, because I had so little experiance of having a father that it took a rather special group of praying women to help break through that barrier for me so that I could truly experiance God as my Father.

God has the care and concern and compassion of the most loving Father anyone could wish for. He treats those who have been abused and mistreated, and those who have had no dads, as His own children. He compensates for those who lack, and He is the one who steps in and will find a way to make up for the mistakes human fathers make. That is hugely important because all dads fall short. For all have sinned and fallen short and they all make mistakes.

He is also the One who defends widows. A widow especially in ancient times was powerless. The law of God in the Hebrew Bible, our Old Testament, had all kinds of provisions for widows. This I firmly believe also includes what in older times, used to be called "Grass-widows". Those that have been forsaken and abandoned by their spouses. Today our welfare system provides help and financial support but who provides emotional support? Whether an actual widow or a "grass-widow", the devastation and loss of a spouse, is an emotional nightmare. An actual widow/widower has the comfort of knowing they were loved, but there is are all the practical arrangements and bills surrounding organising a funeral, when you are grief-stricken. A "grass-widow" may have suddenly lost half their income and possibly half their belongings or more and maybe have been left to raise children alone, along with bearing the shame of a failed marriage. It can be especially hard when you know there is a 3rd person involved and you have been left for someone else, your spouse is giving to someone else what before God was vowed to belong only to you.

For your Creator will be your “husband.” The Lord Almighty is his name; he is your Redeemer, the Holy One of Israel, the God of all the earth. For the Lord has called you back from your grief — a young wife abandoned by her husband.. . . . . Isaiah 54:5,6.

God becomes Provider, Protector, Counselor, and Friend, he takes you deserted and distressed in spirit. He carries you through the pain and emotional storm. God fills that hole in your heart with a sense of fulfillment only He can provide. Then sometimes he will bring you a new husband, he will give you to someone worthy of a Godly woman. I have known him to comfort men on the recieving end of abusive women also and bring them more worthy and understanding wives, putting the lonely in families and restoring broken family relationships. I, have had to learn the hard way that the Lord is my husband.