Vespers - Dinner Prayer



Dear God,
thank you for all that is good,
for our creation and for our humanity,
for the gifts of life and of one another,
for your love which is unbounded and eternal.
for the food before us,
the family and friends beside us
and the love between us.

New Testament Reading - A Christian community


32All the believers were of one heart and mind, and no one felt that what he owned was his own; everyone was sharing. 33And the apostles preached powerful sermons about the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and there was warm fellowship among all the believers,a 34-35and no poverty — for all who owned land or houses sold them and brought the money to the apostles to give to others in need.

. . . . . Acts 4:32-35
  1. Literally, “great grace was upon them all.”


Gracious and eternal God,
through your Holy Spirit
you gave to Wiremu Tamihana
a vision of your peace and unity
and grace to labour for it without wavering;
grant us the same hope
and courage to live for him
who is our way, our truth, our life,
Jesus Christ our Saviour.