It's not paranoia if they're really out to get you. - Harold Finch ('Person of Interest}
cat freaked out by goldfish, stareing at him

Picture courtesy of Physicists of the Caribbean

I said this years before Harold Finch's character. Ever been accused of being Paranoid? I wasn't paranoid, someone really was out to get me. Paranoia is invalid fear and distrust of everyone, at it's heart it is self-centred fear. But we all have an Ultimate enemy out to get us, and he has been around a long time, so he has had a lot of practice. But while seemingly immortal, his days are numbered, he was beaten by Jesus and has been fighting in retreat ever since. He is still a serious opponent, not to be taken lightly, he is very experienced, and most people don't even recognize him as an enemy – he is very good at disguise and deception so it takes the Holy Spirit in you to recognise him, and to stand against him.

In our Old Testament reading today, Jeremiah sounds really paranoid:

'Yet on every side I hear their whispered threats and am afraid. “We will report,” they say. Even those who were my friends are watching me, waiting for a fatal slip. “He will trap himself,” they say, “and then we will get our revenge on him.” ' - Jeremiah 20:10

What happened to him showed he wasn't paranoid, he was arrested, thrown in a cistern and left to starve to death. God saw to it that he was rescued, because God keeps his promises. Years later, Jeremiah according to a tradition that is preserved in extra-biblical sources, was eventually taken against his will to Egypt and then stoned to death by the Jews, his own people, someone was definitely out to get him.

Jesus was accused of Paranoia, they asked him, “Whose trying to kill you?”. But wait, not paranoid, they really were out to get him, he was crucified. He won by dying, you know Jesus was the winner because he came back! They kill him and think he's gone and he beats Satan and death, takes the keys to Sheol, and makes a way for us all to get to heaven and have a real relationship with God.

Trusting Jesus with your life and being surrendered to Him, means living a Jesus centred life, not a self-centred one. Since paranoia is invalid, self-centred fear, being Jesus centred kicks real paranoia to the curb.