MATINS - Midnight Prayer


Psalm 78:1-7

  1. Give heed to my teaching O my people:
    turn your ears to the words of my mouth.
  2. I will open my mouth in a parable:
    I will reveal the hidden meaning of things in the past,
  3. things we have heard and known:
    and such as our forbears have told us.
  4. We will not hide them from their children,
    but declare to the next generation:
    Your glories O Lord and your might,
    and the wonders that you have done,
  5. the testimony that you gave to Jacob,
    and the law you appointed in Israel:
    which you commanded them to teach their children,
  6. that their posterity might know it, the children yet unborn:
    and these in turn should arise and tell their children,
  7. that they should put their trust in you:
    and not forget your great acts,
    but keep all your commandments.


Praise to you, God of every time and situation,
for those who, like Clement,
brought order and stability to the church;
help us in any conflict and confusion
to fix our gaze on your eternal truth.


Thank Him for 3 things that happened today (Good or Not!)


Our Father,
give us today our daily bread

Be present, merciful God,
and protect us through the silent hours of this night,
that we who are wearied
by the changes and chances of this fleeting world,
may rest upon your eternal changelessness.

The Blessing

May Christ the King give us his blessing of peace.

Let us bless the Lord.
Thanks be to God.