The Parable of the Sower


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The Parable of the Sower

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Jesus was a master story-teller, we call them parables because they all had hidden meanings that you had to think about and ferret out. He used the ordinary things that those he was listening to would understand to describe the extraordinary. Those who were blind spiritually could not “see” the answer.

Our gospel reading today is the Parable of The Sower. While we are an agriculture strong country – it tends to go more in the direction of dairy and sheep farming.

In Jesus day fields were turned over by a plough probably pulled by oxen or manually ploughed. That’s hard labour, then the sower who had the easy job, walked along the road with a bag full of seed and all he had to do was carefully scatter the seed across the prepared ground. Finally once the crop had grown the reapers would come and gather the harvest. Jesus explained afterwards to his disciples that the word of God is like a seed. He is the sower at this point scattering the seed to all those listening and there are four types of reactions in the hearts of those who hear him. Each of us has a place in this parable.


Are you a ploughman – one who prepares the ground, are you on your knees regularly in prayer are you praying for the lost and those you want to see saved. Does your life reflect your faith as an example to others? If all you can do is pray, do not despair, you are preparing the ground, a partner with God in turning the soil in Human hearts, preparing them to receive the seed.


First, he is CREDIBLE. He is the truth giver. Jesus always told the truth and confronted that which was hypocrisy.

Second, he is PERSISTENT. Regardless of what people thought or what society taught, Jesus was persistent. He continually sowed truth to those that either accepted or rejected it. He stayed the course.

Third, he is DEPENDABLE. Jesus went about doing the Father’s business. He worked in extreme circumstances. You could and can count on Jesus! Many find it difficult to get out there and share the gospel with others, sometimes it can be dangerous for a sower walking the hills and fields, you might be attacked by wolves or other wild animals. Just remember the ultimate sower (Jesus) walks with you and you are not the one responsible for what happens to the seed. Just do your job and scatter it wide.


Note here one ploughs, one sows, and another reaps. When it comes to the gospel reapers seem to be the ones who get a lot of the credit. But God knows they didn’t do the job alone. Someone prayed and prepared the ground. Someone sowed seed and you are reaping the reward. Remember without the first two you would not have a harvest. But we must all be prepared at any hour of the day and in every season to sow and to reap.