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TERCE - (Coffee Break)

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The Song of Hannah

My heart exults in the Lord:
my strength is exalted in my God.
There is none holy like the Lord:
there is none beside you, no rock like our God.

Old Testament Reading - Trust in the Lord for ever


3 He will keep in perfect peace all those who trust in him, whose thoughts often turn to the Lord! 4 Trust in the Lord God always, for in the Lord Jehovah is your everlasting strength. 5 He humbles the proud and brings the haughty city to the dust; its walls come crashing down. 6 He presents it to the poor and needy for their use.

7 But for good men the path is not uphill and rough! God does not give them a rough and treacherous path, but smooths the road before them. 8 Oh Lord, we love to do your will! Our hearts' desire is to glorify your name. 9 All night long I search for you; earnestly I seek for God; for only when you come in judgment on the earth to punish it will people turn away from wickedness and do what is right.

. . . . Isaiah 26:3-9


Please remember our Prayer Requests

O Lord, you are the king of glory:
help us at the break of day.
Lord, have mercy. E te Ariki, kia aroha mai.
You love righteousness and justice:
may your loving kindness fill the earth
Christ, have mercy. E te Karaiti, kia aroha mai.
Hear our cry, O God,
and listen to our prayer.
Lord, have mercy. E te Ariki, kia aroha mai.