LUNCH (Sext)



Gracious and eternal God,
your servant Anskar laid the foundations
for the gospel among the people of Scandinavia,
but did not see the results of his labours;
give us patience and keep us from all discouragement,
knowing that you will surely bring to completion
the work that you have begun;
through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Our Father,
forgive us our sins
as we forgive those who sin against us.

Saviour, you hung on the cross,
declaring God’s love to us,
you are forgiveness.
Beside you hung a thief,
beneath you waited Mary the forgiven,
and all around watched those many people
to whom you give new life and hope.
To us you give new life and hope.
Forgiven sinners become your body and your Church;
may the reconciliation we share
bring your gospel to all the world.