Social Responsibility


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Social Responsibility

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If you look up the definition of Social Responsibility on google ~ because google knows all ` it says:

An ethical theory in which individuals are accountable for fulfilling their civic duty, and the actions of an individual must benefit the whole of society. In this way, there must be a balance between economic growth and the welfare of society and the environment.

It might take a bit to get your head around all that, right now, it did me. As Christian’s the best way I have heard it explained is that every Christian family is like a small Social Welfare system all by themselves, if they are doing it right. We follow, what Jesus calls the two greatest commandments, the ones that amount to “Love God, and love others.” When you throw the third greatest commandment in there too, “Love each other.” Then the result is a small social welfare system, that gives to all others around them in Need, that shares all they have and gives all they can spare, to those less well off than themselves, up to at least and beyond in many cases, 10% of their income. We look with Jesus eyes and heart and give what is really needed, when required.

Covid-19 is finally on the wane, but the memory of it still firmly remains. Vacinations are planned and signing in requirements and Hand Sanitizer are everywhere you go. The new normal? I would like to think that in the future, the biggest challenge we all face would be that of irradicating disease, but I know better. Injustice, War and poverty still stalk the world. People are still irrationally afraid of other's with different cultures, skin colour and/or religion. That fear still too easily, breaks out as hatred. Know that for us as Christian's it is unacceptable. Jesus is truly color blind, and no matter your culture or creed, we are all creations of God and He loves all his creations.

Christian your mission on the planet is to LOVE EVERYBODY, no matter the Creed or Color. Love them, and speak the truth to them or who will? The world still reels in economic distress and often emotional grief from the aftermath of the Pandemic and many still suffer from the residual effects of the virus. We all need to be kind to one another.

We also need to be kind to our planet. We need to think about the “welfare of the environment” We all know the score with that one....the drop in pollution while the world was in lockdown said it all – Coming out of lockdown we got a hybrid (The Budget would not stretch to full electric), it has already paid for itself twice over with the savings on petrol. With a bit of luck the governments of the world will come to the party eventually and subsidize them, to offset “carbon credits.” I live in hope that product manufacturers get the hint and we see a return to more paper, glass and metal packaging than plastic, as the former are all able to be recycled. The best I can do with that one is vote with my wallet. Thankfully some manufacturers are starting to get the message.