Are you Stuck?


Jesus heals Bartimaeus
Are you Stuck?
Jesus heals Bartimaeus

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Have you ever been Stuck! I was stuck, bedridden for 2 years. I couldn’t even walk around the block without passing out. I could barely make it to the bathroom sometimes. It was frustrating and depressing. I couldn’t go anywhere, even church. It took the doctors 2 years to find out the cause and then the fix was a change of medication that had me back on my feet within 2 weeks. It was like getting out of prison.

Blind Bartimaeus was stuck. Unable to see the wondrous creation of God. Unable to work, the only option he had was to sit on the side of the road, as a beggar. But in spite of this he had faith in God. There is a verse in Corinthians:

For we walk by faith, not by sight. - 2 Corinthians 5:7

His disability did not limit his ability to believe. Sometimes you can be stuck spiritually or more often mentally or emotionally, unable to move forward in your walk with God due to something hindering you, not all disabilities are visible. Many of us have scared souls, some have been hurt so badly by others or themselves that they are stuck. Disobedience, sin, lack of forgiveness towards ourselves or others who hurt us, all can be hindrances, holding us back from the blessings God wants to give us. We get stuck in the past pain, instead of letting Jesus carry us through it.

Blind Bartimaeus, was less stuck than some who aren’t physically disabled. Unable to see, he heard the commotion of the crowd announcing the presence of Jesus, and Bartimaeus knew enough to cry out to Jesus for help. That's what all of us who are stuck need to do. Don’t focus on the problem, turn and focus on Jesus.

Even stuck, bedridden, I still had my faith, I still worked for the Lord, I worked on providing this website for you, everyday! I looked to him for my joy, and I had many good days along with the frustrating ones.

There was a backlash from my cure. It had not been an easy 2 years for my husband and with me now better, and everything changing, he decided to leave me. I wonder if there was a backlash for Bartimaeus? Now he had his sight, he would no longer be able to beg and would be expected to work for his living, a big ask as he had been blind a long time, possibly all his life. What training would he have had for employment? Maybe that’s why Jesus asked him what he wanted. I am still very grateful to God and the Doctors for my no longer being bedridden. I would certainly still have asked Jesus for my sight if I were Bartimaeus. God’s creation is wonderful and I am lucky enough to live in a place where one can fully appreciate the scenic beauty of God’s creation.

Our last Psalm and New Testament reading are a good reminder for us all, that we should enjoy our lives, no matter what our circumstances. Life is not about material things - you can’t take it with you. It is about serving God, giving to others and spending time making memories with the people you love, while you still can.