Bless the Lord, whose name is to be praised,
Our Father who art in heaven,
who has given us his laws,
to show us the error of our ways,
Blessed is his son, Christ the Messiah,
who redeemed us from having broken them.
Blessed are you, O Holy Spirit,
who assists us in sinning no more,
and sustains us in the way of the Lord,
grant us wisdom and understanding this day.

Old Testament Reading - The true riches


13-15The man who knows right from wronga and has good judgment and common sense is happier than the man who is immensely rich! For such wisdom is far more valuable than precious jewels. Nothing else compares with it. 16-17Wisdom gives: a long, good life, riches, honor, pleasure, peace. 18Wisdom is a tree of life to those who eat her fruit; happy is the man who keeps on eating it.

19The Lord’s wisdom founded the earth; his understanding established all the universe and space. 20The deep fountains of the earth were broken open by his knowledge, and the skies poured down rain.

21Have two goals: wisdom — that is, knowing and doing right — and common sense. Don’t let them slip away, 22for they fill you with living energy and bring you honor and respect.b 23They keep you safe from defeat and disaster and from stumbling off the trail.

. . . . .Proverbs 3:13-23
  1. Literally, “The man who finds wisdom.”
  2. Literally, “be an ornament to your neck.


Please remember our Prayer Requests

We pray for all people in their daily life and work;
For our families, friends, and neighbours
and for those who are alone.
For this community,
the nation,
and the world;
For all who work for justice, freedom, and peace.
Hear us, Lord;
For your mercy is great.