Asia Sunday

6th Sunday of Easter

God, Renew Us in Your Spirit and Restore the Creation.


Save the planet
Save the planet

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Asia Sunday is celebrated annually on the closest Sunday to 20th May, it commemorates the founding of the Christian Conference of Asia (CCA). The Christian Conference of Asia (CCA) is an organ and a forum of continuing cooperation among the churches and national Christian bodies in Asia, within the framework of the wider ecumenical movement. We believe that the purpose of God for the Church in Asia is life together in common obedience of witness to the mission of God in the world. There is usually a new theme every year this year it is: God, Renew Us in Your Spirit and Restore the Creation.

This theme speaks to my heart as I see everywhere in the world the huge need for God's renewal in people's lives. The second part hits close to home for those of us here in New Zealand as we are hit by more and more severe weather events, as I write this we are excepting yet another storm, we know the increasing intensity of these storms are being brought about by Climate change. It is not just affecting us - even the USA is being hit by increasing strong cyclones and hurricanes, colder winter's with more blizzards and more drought filled summers with higher risks of wild fires everywhere. The last few years bush fires in Australia have been worse.

The world needs to wake up and individually we all need to do more to shrink our carbon footprints. If you are not seeing it, maybe you only think you are not being effected yet - worse is coming - if we don't wake up! As Christians while our priority is sharing His love and the gospel with people, and easing as much suffering in the world as we can, we also need to do what we can to take care of His creation - the planet. Love God first, then people, then the Planet.