Plan for Sabbath


intentionally plan a day of rest
Plan for Sabbath

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Life used to be so busy, Eh. We all had schedules to keep, people to see, places to go. Who had time for anything extra? Then Covid-19 hit and the world stopped being busy for a while. Even housewives with their daily routine had to re-think as they had husbands and children underfoot, which meant re-ordering your day and possibly being at Plan G before you knew it. Even those who were stay-at-home workers and never go anywhere anyway felt the restriction. Before they had the freedom to go somewhere, if they wanted to – they chose not to, most of the time, but not having that choice there put a different spin on it emotionally. Then there was the constant bad news coming at us, as we all had to monitor what was happening to know when the restrictions would lift. Everyone had an enforced “time out.”

What did you learn from it? Did you manage to bond better with family? What did you do with your time? Finally we all had time to ‘stop and smell the Roses.’ Did you take the time to appreciate it? Many people actually did gain from the experience of lock down. But have you now let the lessons you learned from it fall by the wayside, now our busy lives come to claim us again.

Stopping to enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset that God has created for you, pausing to spend time in his presence, with your family, taking a deep breath, away from stress and work is why God created the Sabbath (see our Old Testament Reading.)

Jesus clearly said that we need the break, we need time apart to walk away and just breathe and rest. He regularly took “time out” - he would climb a hill/mountain and go apart by himself to spend some time with his Father and recharge the batteries. He stated also that we need the Sabbath:

But the Sabbath was made to benefit man, and not man to benefit the Sabbath.- Mark 2:27

While it is not the Sabbath today, I wanted to pause and remind you and myself that you need to intentionally plan for a day of rest. It is more valuable to your health and happiness than a few extra $ are (no matter how big the amount) to your wallet. Ultimately we will all die at least once, and you can’t take the wallet with you – what you will take with you is the memories of the good times you have had with those you love, and the favour you have gained spending time now with God. The time taken to create moments and memories with your spouse, will reap dividends in the quality of your relationship. The time you spend with your children, teaching them to love God, teaching them the right values, all this is never wasted time.

Ask people in old folks homes what their biggest regret is and most of them will answer that it was failing to spend more time with loved ones and family, or time doing the things that they really love doing. Covid-19 was a wake up call to many that they need more balance in their life. The best way to do that is take God’s advice – take a Sabbath once a week, and use it the way it is meant to be used. Rest DO NO WORK – forget mowing the lawn that day or that household chore you put off till the weekend – whether Saturday or Sunday one of those days NEEDS to be a day of REST. But if your a busy person with a full Calendar/schedule/routine – you need to plan for it. Schedule your day off – add it to that Calendar, put NO WORK TODAY on your Calendar for Saturday or Sunday or whatever day you decide to have as your Sabbath for the week. Make sure your desk is clear for that day, take a moment now to pick a Sabbath, and reschedule any work plans for that day, maybe you have to work harder the next couple of days to get there, but its worth it and you can handle that if you know a rest day is coming. Then you come back refreshed and ready to face a new week, better for the break.