Opening Sentance

thumb In the day of my distress I will call, O Lord, and surely you will answer me. . . . .Psalm 86:7.

Always be joyful, pray continually;
give thanks, whatever happens.

Psalm 16

  1. Preserve me O God:
    for in you I have taken refuge.
  2. I have said to the Lord, 'You are my God:
    from you alone comes all my prosperity.'
  3. All my delight is in the faithful who dwell in the land:
    and in those who excel in virtue.
  4. But as for those who run after other gods:
    their troubles shall be multiplied.
  5. Libations of blood I will not offer to those gods:
    nor will I take their names up on my lips.
  6. You Lord are my allotted portion and my cup;
    you yourself have cast my lot.
  7. My boundaries enclose a pleasant land:
    indeed I have a noble heritage.
  8. I will thank you O Lord for giving me counsel:
    at night also you teach my heart.
  9. I keep you always before me:
    you are on my right hand, therefore I shall not fall.
  10. So my heart is glad, and my soul rejoices:
    my body also shall rest in safety.
  11. For you will not give me up to the power of death:
    nor suffer your beloved to see the Abyss.
  12. You will show me the path of life, in your presence is the fullness of joy:
    and from your right hand flow delights for evermore.

Morning Prayer

 we ask today for more of Your Holy Spirit in our lives.
Lord, it can be easy for us to become consumed
 with the fears that surround us in life,
 but we know that just as Your eye is indeed on the sparrow,
 so also do You care for and see us.

Teach us today to become more reliant on You.
Bring us into a greater discernment of how You operate,
 so that we may come into a deeper understanding
 that all we see with natural eyes
 is not all that is.
Today we ask for eyes
 to see Your hand in all matters,
 and hearts open to Your work.