The Origin and Evils of Idolatry


Vietnamese Ancestor Altar
The Origin and Evils of Idolatry
Ancestor worship still practiced in China and Vietnam seems innocuous compared to the awful practices of some Idol worshipping "religions".

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The book of wisdom today reveals the sad beginnings of Idolatry. Originally born of grief, a father formed an image of a child taken suddenly in death, as a memorial. It became the beginning of Ancestor worship.

God states in the 10 Commandments that we are to honour our mother and father, given with the promise that if we do, our days will be long in the land. Jews are very mindful of their ancestry, keeping family trees and records passed down through the generations. They claim descent from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as their claim to God’s favour. That and respecting an object that has been passed down through families as an heirloom is very different from Ancestor Worship.

Ancestor worship was particularly big in China, and still is in Vietnam. Those mixed up with Ancestor worship, believe the spirit/soul of the Ancestor has infused the hunks of carved wood or stone that they bow down to, and they believe they can intercede in the current world on behalf of the family that prays to them. It is wrong in so many ways, were it true it would be evil, the dead should be resting in peace or dwelling in heaven. It is disrespectful in the extreme to disturb them and if their spirits/souls were imprisoned in a hunk of wood/stone, what could they do to assist anyone when they are trapped in an inanimate object. Modern day Vietnamese who practise Ancestor Worship today use photo's rather than idols, but they are still worshipping and offering food dedicated to a dead creation rather than the Creator.

Ancestor worship seems so innocuous however compared to the awful practices of some Idol worshipping "religions". The book of wisdom today tells us that an idol is a cursed object and so is the one who made it. Because they have taken a piece of God’s creation and turned it into an abomination that has been used to cheat on God. As such they are tied to fornication, and are a snare for the human soul and a trap for the feet of the foolish. The invention of them was a corruption of human life. They eventually led away from Ancestor worship and into the true evils of idolatry involving secret rites and initiations.

For whether they kill children in their initiations, or celebrate secret mysteries, or hold frenzied revels with strange customs, they no longer keep either their lives or their marriages pure, but they either treacherously kill one another, or grieve one another by adultery.- Wisdom 14:23-24

They are cheating on God and on each other, they become child abusers, murderers, pedophiles and/or adulterers. All in the name of their “religion”. Then they wonder why Christians are trying to tell them about Jesus. It’s because they NEED HIM. Their “religion” isn’t just leading them into the gaping jaws of Hell, many of them are already living in hell on earth by following it. They need a saviour, we know one exists and we are just trying to introduce Him.

Pray today for those in the harvest fields, trying to save those trapped in the foolishness of Idolatry.