Trusting God



Have you ever had a small problem that was like a small stone in your shoe? Maybe you have a molehill sized problem that for some reason, seems to be getting bigger all the time? Maybe your problem is a giant mountain that is crushing your soul and spirit and you can't see a way out of your situation? Whether thimble sized or a giant of a problem the solution is the same.

Did you know that Complaining is the opposite of trusting. Words have power, we need to THINK before we speak. Take a look at Exodus in the Old Testament - The Jews had seen all of God's miracles, the 10 plagues forcing Pharoah, the King of Egypt to let his slave race go. They had walked through the Red Sea on dry land and turned to see their enemies drowned behind them. God himself is leading and guarding them with a piller of cloud by day and a pillar of fire at night. Yet in Exodus 17 all they can do is complain, instead of trusting God to provide for them and they have a visible reminder He is there with them. Complaining - the opposite of Trust.

It all came to head at a place they named Massah (which means "testing") and Meribah (which meand "quarreling") the people were complaining and moaning so much about lack of water, instead of just quietly asking Moses to take it to the LORD. They worked themselves up into a mob that was going to stone Moses then turn around and head back into slavery in Egypt. Go ahead and read it for yourself - it is our Old Testament Reading today at Terce (Morning Tea).

How often, like the Jews, do we get into trouble and then start to question, "Is the LORD with us OR not? Is He really there? Instead of trusting God.

The water from the Rock is also written about in Number's 20:1-13 the Living Bible makes it even clearer:

There was not enough water to drink at that place, so the people again rebelled against Moses and Aaron. A great mob formed, and they held a protest meeting.. . . . .Numbers 20:2-3

Moses, just like many of us would, faced with all this lost his temper and then he sinned also. Instead of trusting God to fully handle the situation, he tried to help in his own strength. Moses had been told only to get the staff, (God probably wanted him to have it present like a staff of office, showing his authority) and to then speak to the rock.

“Get Aaron’s rod; then you and Aaron must summon the people. As they watch, speak to that rock over there and tell it to pour out its water! You will give them water from a rock, enough for all the people and all their cattle!” Numbers 20:8

But that is not what he did, he was possibly angry and upset, he has nearly been stoned by the mob. Also he may have been wanting to try to help God with his own strength (foolish, but plenty of us still try). But this is what he did:-

Then Moses and Aaron summoned the people to come and gather at the rock; and he said to them, “Listen, you rebels! Must we bring you water from this rock?”Numbers 20:10

Instead of speaking to the rock - the solution, he speaks to the problem - the people. Then he strikes the rock twice and the water comes gushing out. The consequences of his not obeying exactly everything God said for him to do - and showing a lack of Trust, just like the rest of his people - was that like them, his travel plans got changed and they all ended up on an extended overland detour of the wilderness for 40 years, he never got to enter the promised land, until after his death.

Take note - Jesus is our Rock and speaking to Him quietly about a problem, then thanking him for taking care of it, and trusting He will, rather than moaning and complaining about it, seems to be a much wiser coarse of action than trying to handle it ourselves and ending up spending extensive time in the wilderness.

Taken from Notes made during a sermon by Kim Kirk - I will be following this advice over the next week, and will report back somewhat on our fb page as to the outcome. I have already seen the hand of the Lord in my families current situation and will attempt NOT to interfere and try to help God get a good outcome - but rather will sit back, and do as I am told. Which is difficult to do sometimes. More from Kim's sermon tomorrow.