Deep Roots Transformation


Deep Roots Transformation

Picture courtesy of Ask Gramps

A couple of days ago I shared with you the story of Gary and Michelle and their transformation from cynical atheist’s to Christian believers working in the Ukraine with those returning the Jews, God’s first children, to Israel – their promised land.

Thinking about their story (you can go back and read it again here), what ways of seeing the world (and the things we value) are different in God’s kingdom, compared to our own “Kiwi culture”?

I believe that as Christians the easiest way to check whether we are in line with what God wants for our lives and whether something is right or wrong is to ask one simple question? WWJD – What would Jesus do?

If you are a new Christian that question might be a little challenging because if you haven’t read the gospels enough – you won’t know him well enough yet to simply know the answer. Ask another Christian who has been walking with him longer and don’t forget he is only a prayer away – he is with you always, and it’s all about relationship – so ask him!

On that note, how much balance do to you have in your life? I am not talking about your physical diet but your spiritual one – the question as one Christian speaker talking about the transformation put it is, “How is your spiritual diet? He realised one day that he read one bible verse a day from an app and 98% of his other apps were junk food, for example “Candy Crush”, says it all in the name, now he wasn’t saying don’t play “Candy Crush” (Or his wife would kill him) or that “Candy Crush” is evil in anyway, just that it is empty calories, spiritu-ally. It is a matter of balance. How much time are you putting into empty worthless time wast-ing things, vs how much time are you spending building your relationship with God. How much quality time do you spend with your spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend? You have to spend the time to build the relationship and nurture it or it won’t last. What if you were giving equal time to God? That’s why we made this website to provide a way to initiate spending more time with God and to encourage your walk in faith. So think about the readings and pray with intention and meaning adding your own personal bits and comments as you pray and telling him what is relevant in it for you. The facebook verse is an appetizer, a nibble, come to the table.

For Gary and Michelle rejecting the practises in their lives that they were uncomfortable with after entering a relationship with Jesus changed their lives forever and while some thought they were crazy and had gone off the deep end in the changes that they made, their priorities had changed. The way they measured success completely changed. No longer was money and luxury the yeadstick by which they measured themselves successful or not. It didn’t matter what other people thought, it mattered what God thought . . . it mattered that they were achieving the goals that He set for them. So even in difficult circumstances, going through storms and challenges that life and the enemy threw in their path, they were able to be joyful and find his peace within themselves.

You don’t have to look far to find stories of those transformed by Christ’s love and presence in nearly every community, in every nation, in every country. Let him make you one of them!