Mind Management


Jesus alone by the sea of Galilee
Mind Management

Picture courtesy of lavistachurchofchrist.org

There is time management, financial management, and weight management. But today I want to talk about mind management. We all know stress is a major factor in one of the biggest causes of death today - heart attacks. People have literally worked themselves to death. What part of the body is attacked by stress? YOUR MIND! Shouldn't we be more concerned about managing our minds, than managing anything else?

Jesus was. He took regular breaks to recharge, going up a mountain, walking away from everything and taking a break, spending time in nature, in prayer, connecting his spirit back with the father. Human beings need regular rest and reconnection with God to flourish and thrive - that's why God invented the Sabbath, weekends came from the Sabbath. Jesus also guarded his heart. He answered so many prayers, healed so many, taught so much but he refused to concede in 3 areas:

Maybe you are constantly doubting, full of criticism and scorn for others or maybe of yourself? Is the tape you play in your head constantly putting yourself down? Stop the automatic negative thinking in your brain and the nasty stuff coming out of your mouth. It's not easy to do, it can take constant conscious effort at first, telling yourself NO and replacing the tape - with God's promises!