Is God a Black Woman?


Parting of the Red Sea
Is God a Black Woman?
Image: Parting of the Red Sea.

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The joke goes that a reporter asked one of the earliest astronauts if he had seen God out in space and he answered, “Yes, and She’s Black.”

A controversial statement for those that aren’t true Christian’s. A true Christian is color-blind and rejects the hatred of racism, because God is love and the Creator made people of all colors and cares about them all equally. God has no limits and can be any and every color. Also if you have read enough of the New Testament and have been walking long enough with Jesus, you know that He was one of the first feminists. He allowed women to travel with his group, allowed them to support his ministry financially and treated at least one, Mary of Bethany, as a disciple.

In the early Christian church the role of women was just as important and valued as that of men. But sexual equality and the real truth of “Different but equal” was not yet understood. In most cultures women were second class citizen's valued only in the kitchen and bedroom, not deemed worthy of education or even considered intelligent. So it was inevitable the MALE committee that chose what books were to be included in the Protestant Bible chosen to leave out the Book of Wisdom. Because Chapter 10 of the “Book of Wisdom” strongly implies that God is Wisdom and Wisdom is Female.

It starts with Adam tracing down through Cain and Abel to Noah, Abraham, Lot, Jacob, Joseph and Moses. Right through the recited History, what the Torah and Old Testament labels actions of God, with the exception of Creation, the Book of Wisdom states are actions performed by Wisdom, given the feminine form. For example, while the Old Testament states that God parted the Red Sea for the Hebrew slaves to walk through safely on dry land - the Book of Wisdom states:

She gave to holy people the reward of their labours; she guided them along a marvellous way, and became a shelter to them by day, and a starry flame through the night. She brought them over the Red Sea, and led them through deep waters.- Wisdom 10: 17-18

A strong implication is that God is feminine. I was taught at Bible College that actually God is both Male and Female - He is Spirit and within Him are elements of both genders. It is possible that Solomon was trying to shake up the religious establishment with his controversial view. Alternatively you could take the view, that God the Father, the Creator, is Male, while the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Wisdom and Truth is the female element of the Trinity and her role has been a greater one than at first understood. Jesus was definitely male and referred to the helper He was sending as "he" but according to Solomon there is a female version of the Holy Spirit that was already here - Revelations states there is more than 1 spirit of God, so one or more could be feminine in which case U2 are right! She moves in mysterious ways.