school class, nz

Picture courtesy of Santa Maria School, Auckland

Next week the normal sigh of relief given by parents as the children go back to school after the long holidays, may be muted, by concern. The new covid varient is in New Zealand, and you have a right to be concerned. Children have died already from this varient which, the vaccine does not work against. Get your kids vaccinated anyway because the old varient it does work against is still at large to a degree. Then pray Psalm 91 over your children every morning before they leave for school. They show the slightest sign of illness, cough, cold etc, keep them home. If you know they have been exposed with the last 2 weeks keep them home, tell the school so they know.

The Bible tells us to seek after wisdom, there are many verses in the Bible that speak about the value of wisdom, and the thing is that wisdom and education are NOT the same things at all. Education is the seeking after and gaining of knowledge, which is ultimately very important in today’s world, but knowledge is a separate thing from wisdom. There are people out there, academics and genius level thinkers with enormous I.Q.’s who have so much knowledge it astounds us, but so little wisdom that they shouldn’t be allowed out in public without a minder. Seriously!

Then there are people that have dropped out of school or left early, or never had the opportunity to get any education at all but are wise well beyond their years, who always know the right way to handle a situation, the right words to say to heal other broken human beings, or can teach and handle animals with more success than the rest of us, or fix machinery almost by magic, like a mechanic who may not have the papers but knows what’s wrong with an engine just by listening to it for a few minutes. God gives different talents to all of us, and we each have a different purpose, I.Q. and knowledge are only one path to the purpose God has for you and maybe you have taken another path. Maybe you learn differently.

Whatever path God has for you, know that you are needed and valued in the kingdom, and those who do the seemingly menial chores are just as valuable as the great thinkers and teachers, after all Jesus said “to be great you have to be a servant to all, to be truly great you have to be the slave to all”. Whatever your purpose, position or profession do what you do as if you were doing it for Jesus and don’t worry about what other people think, it’s what He thinks that really counts. But if you are able, seeking after knowledge is a wise and valuable pursuit and seeking after wisdom, which is found in God, is even more so.