MATINS - Midnight Prayer



Almighty God,
through your Son Jesus Christ
you overcame death and opened for us
the gate of everlasting life;
grant us to die daily to sin,
that we may evermore live with him
in the joy of his resurrection;
who lives and reigns with you
and the Holy Spirit,
one God now and for ever.

New Testament Reading - Peter and John before the Council


13When the Council saw the boldness of Peter and John and could see that they were obviously uneducated non-professionals, they were amazed and realized what being with Jesus had done for them! 14And the Council could hardly discredit the healing when the man they had healed was standing right there beside them! 15So they sent them out of the Council chamber and conferred among themselves.

16“What shall we do with these men?” they asked each other. “We can’t deny that they have done a tremendous miracle, and everybody in Jerusalem knows about it. 17But perhaps we can stop them from spreading their propaganda. We’ll tell them that if they do it again we’ll really throw the book at them.” 18So they called them back in, and told them never again to speak about Jesus.

19But Peter and John replied, “You decide whether God wants us to obey you instead of him! 20We cannot stop telling about the wonderful things we saw Jesus do and heard him say.”

21The Council then threatened them further and finally let them go because they didn’t know how to punish them without starting a riot. For everyone was praising God for this wonderful miracle—

. . . . . Acts 4:13-21


Thank Him for 3 things that happened today (Good or Not!)


Our Father,
save us from the time of trial,
and deliver us from evil.

Giver of the present, hope for the future:
save us from the time of trial.
When prophets warn us of doom,
of catastrophe and of suffering beyond belief,
then, God, free us from our helplessness,
and deliver us from evil.
Save us from our arrogance and folly,
for you are God who created the world;
you have redeemed us and you are our salvation.

The Blessing

May God our Redeemer show us compassion and love.