Trusting God

Part II


Joshua & Caleb - land of milk and honey

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Yesterday we took a look at the miracle of God providing water from a rock for all the people he had lead out of Egypt, and what happened at Massah and Meribah. Well the people shortly after came to the promised land, but it seems they hadn't yet learned to Trust God, in spite of all the miracles and His care of them. They were too used to being slaves, it is like some people that after being in a hospital or jail for a long time get institutionalized, so used to living that way, to the routines etc that they can't or don't want to live any other way. The Jewish slaves were so used to complaining and crying about their plight and in Egypt they had cause, the Egyptians were hard taskmasters, but they obviously also had food and water, they were provided with housing etc and life was secure, they knew what to expect. They had to learn that God could be trusted to care for them.

They arrived at the promised land and sent in spies to scout around the place - one leader from each of the 12 tribes. 10 of the twelve spies, saw the problems and were overwhelmed by them. Only Joshua (from Ephraim) and Caleb (from Judah) were looking at it and rejoiceing in the Lord, putting their full trust in God's ability to give them what He had promised them. See our Old Testament Reading today at Terce (Morning Tea).

Trust is an issue of sovereignty. Is the Lord on the throne of your heart or are you?

Complaining has at it's heart a negative spirit. It causes:-

God wants us to walk with Him in our lives which often means not having things the way we want them. Not having our own way but sacrificing our desires and doing instead what God wants us too. More often than not, we end up more blessed and better off than we would have been trying to do it our way. But it is not always easy to give up that control to anyone, even God.

Even when we are trying to follow Him, if we want a thing badly enough, often with good intentions, we sometimes try to help things along, in that direction. The outcome of doing so is often not so good. Better just to tell Him the problem then trust Him to fix it.

According to 'www.hebrewforchristians, the word for trust in God is 'Bittachon', the root of this word means to lean on, feel safe, or be confident, also Bit means 'home'. But it is one thing to believe in God, acknowledge his existance, and another thing entirely to personally trust Him to meet our deepest needs. But if you want to walk the right path and maybe make a difference that is what you need to do. Trusting God is a matter of your heart and will, to truly trust God you need to emotionally decide to put your hopes, dreams and desires - in short all of your life - into the care of the Lord and His provision for you. It may not make sense to you, but try praising Him for the troubles, there are lessons to be learned in those troubles, look for them, so you don't have to repeat the lesson.

Taken from Notes made during a sermon by Kim Kirk