3rd Sunday in Lent


Jesus on the cross

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I have only one thing to add to what Joseph Prince says here. It is what Jesus taught us to pray:

And forgive our sins — for we have forgiven those who sinned against us.. . . . .Luke 11:4

We have been forgiven much, he took our punishment on the cross and lead by example. Dying on the cross, in more pain than anyone can imagine, some of his last words were:-

“Father, forgive these people,” Jesus said, “for they don’t know what they are doing.”. . . . .Luke 23:34

As a Christian, God does not give us an option when it comes to forgiving people who have wronged or hurt us. The commandments regarding this subject are clearer than most any other commandments in the Bible. We do not get to bear grudges, in fact we should try not to remain angry for longer than a day. This may seem impossible to you but, nothing is impossible with God.

We have to trust God that He is a God of justice and that vengence is His. But to have the power to love and forgive, we must first ourselves be right with God. Some of us have been through things so heinous and horrible that we think we could never forgive those who so abused us. In our own strength we could Not. When it is deeply wounding and hurtful we need to ask Jesus to take that hurt and give us the strength and power to forgive, that we ourselves do not have. We don't do this because the abusers deserve forgiveness - THEY DON'T!!! But then neither did we and yet God forgave us. He commands we forgive and that's why we do it!

Forgiveness does not mean that you have to pretend that what was wrong was right, wrong is wrong. When it involves someone breaking the laws of the land, you still need to involve the police and try and see that those that have wronged you, know that they have done wrong, if that means they pay for it here on earth, better that than paying for it eternally. You are protecting others from also being hurt by them, pray that while they pay for the consequences of their actions they are lead to repentance and salvation. THEN LET IT GO! Do not be mistaken in this - the one that gets hurt if you DON'T forgive, is not the abuser BUT YOU!

If possible, we are to restore any broken relationships in our life, forgiving them, and showing them the love of Jesus. Sometimes this is not possible because the person would only repeatedly hurt us, thus our presence tempts them to Sin, and in those cases it is better to remove yourself from them and forgive them from afar. It is far easier to do so at a distance, if you never have to see them again. I had to trespass my mother from my property for 2 years and repeatedly forgive and remind myself I had forgiven her for a number of years. Then both of us changed by Jesus, were able to form a proper relationship, one I had given up on ever having. I am blessed knowing how much work the Lord put into fixing us. Truly nothing is impossible with God.