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MATINS - Midnight Prayer

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Psalm 113

  1. Whakamoemititia a Ihowa/ Praise the Lord.
    O praise the Lord, you servants of the Lord:
    O praise the name of the Lord.
  2. Blessed be the name of the Lord:
    both now and forevermore.
  3. The Lord's name be praised:
    from the rising of the sun to its setting.
  4. The Lord is high above the nations:
    and the glory of the Lord above the heavens.
  5. Who can be likened to the Lord our God,
    who sits enthroned on high:
    yet deigns to look down from heaven to earth?
  6. The Lord lifts the weak out of the dust:
    and raises the poor from the dung-heap,
  7. to make them sit with princes:
    with the princes of God's people.
  8. The Lord gives the barren woman a home:
    and makes her the joyful mother of children.
    Whakamoemititia a Ihowa/ O praise the Lord.


Thank Him for 3 things that happened today (Good or Not!)


Lay us down to sleep, O LORD our God, in peace,
raise us erect, our King, to life;
and spread over us the shelter of Your peace.
Set us aright with good counsel from before Your Presence,
and save us for Your Name’s sake.
Shield us, remove from us foe, plague, sword, famine, and woe;
and remove spiritual impediment from before us
and behind us
and in the shadow of Your wings shelter us
For You are God who protects and rescues us;
the gracious and compassionate King.
Safeguard our going and coming
for life and for peace from now to eternity.
Blessed are You, O LORD,
Who protects His people forever.