Mother's Day

7th Sunday of Easter (Sunday after Ascension)


mothers day
Mother's Day

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Families are under attack in New Zealand, Satan is attacking the core of our values, by attacking families, the stresses of the financial burden on parents, especially with rising house prices and rent increases nationwide are taking their toll on families. Add to this the fact that our governments for the past 30 years have been whittling down our freedom's and taking power away from parents.

No longer is a light smack acceptable punishment for an errant child as it was in the 50's and 60's when our grandparents were growing up. If you yell at them too much or deprive them of toys or a meal, you can be accused of emotional abuse or neglect – in this land your children, can be ripped away from you and put into the foster-care system by only one or two malicious complaints, subjecting the child to psychological damage by the removal from family – interfering with the bonding process between parents and children, creating alienation from family. You could be years fighting in closed family court trying to get back your child, who may not be the same child they were if you finally do, but is more likely damaged and hurt by the separation.

Many foster parents are decent caring people – who are not actually in it for the money, but the statistics for children who end up in social welfare care are staggeringly bad, it was reported in 2015 that 83% of prison inmates under 20 yrs of age had a care and protection record with Child, Youth and Family, now renamed, Oranga Tamariki – while the name changes periodically, at a cost of 2-3 million per time, not a lot else does, or so it appears to me. Changing their name doesn't change the facts - if they looked at the older inmates the statistics are likely to be the same or greater.

Too many children are growing up in New Zealand in homes where poverty and violence rule, while others are torn from loving homes where they would have been better off, than if our child protection service had intervened.

In my own family, a child has gone to live with grand-parents because Oranga Tamariki got involved but were helpless to obtain any housework assistance for two parents who were struggling with the state of the home, because since the child's birth they have both become disabled. They questioned the parents level of disability, “oh your just making excuses” and never bothered talking to their doctor until presented with a formal list of medical diagnoses, then having done nothing to get them any actual assistance, insisted the child be placed in care with the grand-parents since they couldn't cope.

The cost of a housekeeper coming in 2 or 3 times a week, while too great for parents on Disability, would have cost the dept and the tax-payer far less than it will cost putting the child through the court system and keeping him in care. They obviously don't care about the cost to the child or his parents psychologically, at least this child will remain with family, meaning less upset than if the child went to strangers.

I don't mean to spoil your Mother's Day but while you all honour your mother's today I will be comforting one who cannot be with her child, and she is not the only one. There are thousands of grief stricken mother's in our land and thousands more living in fear of this government department. So I am asking today for you to pray for the restoration of families in our land. Pray that those who need help are sent it and that God restores and heals what has been torn apart when it should not have been.