May the Fourth be with You


May the Faith be with you - Star Wars style
Jesus is with you Always

Picture courtesy of Go Valley Kids

Happy Star Wars Day! Very few movies had the impact and are remembered and celebrated like Star Wars. I still remember going to the movies and seeing the first Star Wars movie, back when it first came out, it was amazing, like nothing that had ever been seen before. Many movies, books, and stories, some of the best ever written are about Good vs. Evil, including the Star Wars Saga. In the beginning it is absolutely clear that the guy all in black, with the ominous breathing is a villain, Darth Vader is the ultimate bad guy. But as in life, you sometimes find out that the bad guy has some redeeming qualities and a really good excuse for becoming the bad guy and you start to feel some sympathy for him.

More to the point our hero, Luke Skywalker is his son, and has to battle the forces of good and evil both within himself.......just like the rest of us, and externally in the war with the Empire. Only with his power, "the Force" the outcome of the battle within is more extreme....he could turn out to be another Darth Vader or a major "force" for Good in the Universe. Thankfully he has a couple of guides, pointing him in the right direction and helping him get a handle on it.....Obi-Wan Kenobi and master Yoda.

As Christians we also have an internal battle going on inside each one of us, pulling us between the dark side and the light…..We also have a "Force", the greatest power in the Universe - the Holy Spirit, so powerful it can raise people from the dead, and we have some guides, pointing us in the right direction and helping us get a handle on things, we have the Bible, and Jesus.

I know things seem dark right now to many people, with so much war, disease, greed and selfishness present in the world. Keep your family and loved ones in your prayers, many are finding things hard, everyone of us has our own personal struggle. More than ever the world needs us, as children of God we are its salt and light. We need to radiate His love and compassion to people. We need to be kind, to ourselves and others, forgive yourself, love others and remember the promise of Jesus, He is with you, and His grace is sufficient. Keep praying and may our Force be with You!