Already – but not yet


Archangel Michael vs Satan
Already – but not yet

Picture courtesy of St Michael's Catholic Church

We are fighting a war against this Pandemic that is sweeping around the world, taking lives. A war against something we can’t visibly see but we know it exists.......sound familiar. Christians are used to fighting a war against an enemy we can’t see. The place to start in both battles is on our knees in prayer.

The battle is being won and Wuhan City in China, where the virus originated is slowly coming out of lock-down. But the change seems so slow, for those of us still in lock-down. One reason change doesn’t always happen – or at least seems so slow, is that God’s reign is only partially a reality. On the one hand, the kingdom is already present, but not yet in it’s fullness.

Oscar Cullmann likened this reality to the Second World War struggle for Western Europe. The decisive battle occurred on the 6th June, 1944, when the Allied forces stormed the beaches of Normanby. By the end of D-Day, the future of the war in Europe was largely determined. But it wasn’t for another 11 months that the final victory over Nazi Germany was won – when the Allied troops rolled into Berlin. This is known as V-Day. In between D-Day and V-Day a lot of blood was shed. The promise of ultimate peace was sometimes lost in the soul-destroying realities of the battle.

Cullmann suggested that the death and resurrection of Jesus is like D-Day. However it will not be until Jesus comes again that the struggle will end. V-Day is still in the future.

We live between D-Day and V-Day. God’s victory over sin, death, and evil is assured. However, there is still a great deal of struggle. The battle continues, God’s kingdom (His reign) is already present – but only in part. It is already here – but not yet in its full reality.

On the 31st I shared Wayne’s story and his battle to hold on to Hope in the darkness of an isolated Hospital room, and the prospect of losing his mobility. It was Easter and his wife brought him a prayer by Christine Sine, that he found helped a great deal. I will share it today at Sext (Lunchtime). May we all find comfort and help in it. God Bless you all.