Preparation for Passover


Moses and the Burning Bush
The Burning Bush

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Passover, one of the 3 main festivals ordered by God begins on 22nd April, so today I want share the preparations for Passover. For Christians the Passover Sedar is forever linked with The Last Supper, but because the Hebrew Calendar is different from ours, the two did not coincide this year so you could do a Jewish Passover. You will find it educational, right through you will see the connections with Christ as Messiah.

On the 21st the night before Passover they perform the 'Hunt for Chametz' to remove anything containing yeast from your home - watch our Sext Video. You can download a shopping list for what you will require for the Passover Sedar (meal) here, and a printable HAGGADAH (book of the prayers for the passover meal) here.

The central figure of the Passover story is Moses. God had not forgotten his people and his hand was on Moses from the day he was born, Moses just didn't know it. It was just another day, as the sun burned hot in the sky over the desert of Midian. Walking along, standing watch over the sheep, or sitting upon the rocks that littered the landscape. Moses was alone with his thoughts, as he contemplated his life.

He was no longer a “Prince in Egypt”, no longer could he walk the ornate halls of the imperial palace with his head held high, proud to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter. He would never again lead Egypt’s armies into battle as their commander. Now he was considered a traitor, and a murderer, and his name had been stricken by decree from all the records of Egypt. Forced to flee to the desert, he was now just a poor shepherd, looking after the flocks of his father-in-law. His life was simple and peaceful, but his people were still slaves, living under the lash of the Egyptians.

In the heat of the day, as the sun shone high in the sky, God was about to make his move and Moses’ life would be forever changed, by an encounter with the Living God. Moses had many questions in his heart, and only a few answers, and a fear of public speaking. God was sending deliverance to the Hebrew slaves, Moses thoughts however probably went something like, 'Hang on, Good News, help is coming....Bad News, its me! But an encounter with the reality of the Living God is not something you can ignore. He would have to face his fears and trust God!