Other Religions


John 14:6
Other Religions

I have been watching ‘The story of God;’ with Morgan Freeman on Netflix. It is an interesting documentary style program and this morning I watched episode 4 about the creation stories of all religions. He looked at Roman Catholic, Islam, Hindu, the dream-time of the Aborigines, some of the earliest archaeological digs in Turkey and the area of the fabled ‘garden of Eden’ and the Mayans. Morgan Freeman was very impressed by the Hindu’s thanking of the god’s for creation every day for hundreds of years. But missed the fact that the Jews have been thanking God for creation every Friday night for thousands of years. Western Christianity while teaching the creation story of Adam and Eve to our children seem to have mostly forgotten to thank God for his Creation of us and our world on a regular basis and it’s tie to the Sabbath, along with changing the Sabbath day. This is partly why I include a Messianic Shabbat tonight and every Friday night, here at prayer7’s.

The other obvious question I had watching the program this morning was why are you looking at the creation stories of “dead peoples” (Turkey and the Mayans) obviously they didn’t have it right and were not worshipping the right God or their god or gods would have saved them and they would still be around.

I am also doing Alpha at the moment and having an Agnostic friend that honed in on the question of other religions and didn’t like the fact that Christians claim to have a monopoly on God, that Christ is the only way to God....I did some research to discover the best way to answer that question. God lead me to the source of the Alpha series Nicky Gumbel, and his book "Searching Issues" because my Agnostic friend is obviously not the first to ask the question about other religions:-

All human beings are God’s creations and made in his image (our spirit and soul) and the Bible states that He is revealed in his creation:

The heavens are telling the glory of God; they are a marvellous display of his craftsmanship. - Psalm 19:1

So it is only natural for all man to search for God our creator, so you will find elements of truth, in all religions that have stood the test of time. But as C.S.Lewis wrote:

But of course being a Christian does mean thinking that where Christianity differs from other religions, Christianity is right and they are wrong. As in arithmetic there is only one right answer to a sum, and all other answers are wrong; but some of the wrong answers are much nearer being right than others. - C.S.Lewis, ‘Mere Christianity’, (Fount 1952), p39.

The major difference is that Christianity is the only religion where we have a Saviour. Muslims are following a prophet, Mohammed but they do not worship him, he never claimed to be a saviour and he would be the first to have declined such honours as being blasphemy. In Islam sinners will face judgement without forgiveness. It is not clear whether Buddha believed in the existence of God as such. Early or classical Buddhism had no god. Buddha is thought of as a Teacher not a god.

Jesus is unique in his achievement.

There is salvation in no one else! Under all heaven there is no other name for men to call upon to save them.” - Acts 4:`12

I don’t know about you but I’m a sinner and fully aware that I can’t save myself from the consequences and results of sin. So I need a Saviour. There is only one of those around ....and I’m counting on Him!