We Are Valuable


Dolly Parton (1977)
We are Valuable - Dolly Parton (1977)

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I ended yesterday with the 2 Rules that Christians must all follow.
  1. Love the Lord your God with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind.
  2. Love your neighbour as you love yourself.

But that last one relies on you loving yourself, and many have issues with that concept. Some people look at their sins and hate themselves for their past, for what they have done and been. Some hate their parents and want to be nothing like them. Stop looking back, once you’re God’s He doesn’t see your sins anymore, they are gone! He is your Father and you can choose to be like Him and be nothing like your earthly parents at all.

Others, most especially women can suffer from poor self-image, they might actually be beautiful, but they look in the mirror and all they can see is hideous, they act like they are Quasimodo in the Hunchback of Notre Dame and all they can see is their flaws. Most of those so-called flaws are nothing to complain about, I’m too fat, or thin, or tall, or short, my skin is sallow, I have so many pimples/freckles I look like my face is covered in fly poop; I have a disfiguring bulge on my face, I want a nose job. I hate my hair; it’s too straight, or too curly. It’s sad but western women especially white women have been trained to beat themselves up this way. Most of us have nothing wrong with us at all.

Funny but some of those very things we complain about are sometimes the things that caused our mates to be attracted to us in the first place. The little individual things that make us who we are.

Some of us have weird taste, for instance I go for red-heads with freckles, which means having to put up with that short temper and passionate emotional nature. Beauty and attractiveness is definitely in the eye of the beholder, and basically while men are visual creatures’ looks really don’t count much at the end of the day and I’ve seen some absolutely gorgeous women with really hideous looking men (“He’s got character, on him it doesn’t show but he’s got it, must have a load of …….charisma”).

A large percentage of the Kiwi male population I have it on good authority, would rather have a healthy, cuddly girl with some meat on her bones, than a skinny bag of bones, like all those unhealthy anorexic models. A good percentage of men if shown a picture of a seriously skinny model or an early pic of Dolly Parton are going for Dolly. Marilyn Monroe the sexist woman of her time was a healthy Size 14 and that’s not an Asian Size 14 either. If you are very naturally skinny, we hate you (I’m joking). There is someone for everyone and that modelling cat-walk awaits you.

The point is God made you, how he made you, he loves infinite variety and HE LOVES YOU. You are valuable to Him, if you have a self-image problem, ask him to show you what you look like to Him! Remember impressing Him is what counts most at the end of the day. Then take that love and put it to work, God can take inner beauty and make it reflect on the outside as outer beauty and what really attracts others to you is inner beauty and confidence. So remember to seek inner beauty and remember if God loves you and respects you, what anybody else thinks doesn’t really matter at all.