sabbath symbol

A Christian Sukkot Candle-lighting

sabbath symbol


Candle lighting - 18 mins before sunset

Prayed by the oldest woman in the house.

Blessed are You O Lord, our God,
King of the Universe,
Who sanctifies us with his commandments,
and commanded us to light the candles of the holiday.

Head of Household's Prayer


Blessed are you Lord, our God;
Who has enabled us to reach this time
who has granted us life;
and sustained us. Thank you Lord for giving the holidays as a revelation of Jesus. Amen.

Blessing for the Wine

Pick up a glass of wine/grapejuice and pray.

Blessed are You, Lord our God,
King of the Universe,
Creator of the true fruit of the vine
Jesus - Yeshua the Messiah

Pass round the glass of wine for everyone to have a sip.

Sukkah Blessing

Blessed are you, Lord our God,
King of the Universe,
Who sanctifies us with His commandments;
and commanded his children to dwell in the sukkah.

Sukkot Sameach! Happy Sukkot!

Blessing for the Bread

Pick up the bread

Blessed are you, Lord our God,
King of the Universe,
who brings forth the living bread from heaven.

Pass round the bread for everyone to take a piece.

Sukkot Sameach! Happy Sukkot!

Psalm 113

  1. Whakamoemititia a Ihowa/ Praise the Lord.
    O praise the Lord, you servants of the Lord:
    O praise the name of the Lord.
  2. Blessed be the name of the Lord:
    both now and forevermore.
  3. The Lord's name be praised:
    from the rising of the sun to its setting.
  4. The Lord is high above the nations:
    and the glory of the Lord above the heavens.
  5. Who can be likened to the Lord our God,
    who sits enthroned on high:
    yet deigns to look down from heaven to earth?
  6. The Lord lifts the weak out of the dust:
    and raises the poor from the dung-heap,
  7. to make them sit with princes:
    with the princes of God's people.
  8. The Lord gives the barren woman a home:
    and makes her the joyful mother of children.
    Whakamoemititia a Ihowa/ O praise the Lord.


Grace is usually said AFTER the meal.

Let us say grace.
Blessed are you LORD our God, master of the Universe
Who nourishes the whole world in goodness, with grace kindness and compassion.
He gives bread to all flesh, for his mercy endures forever.
And through his great goodness we have never lacked,
nor will we lack food for ever, for the sake of his great Name.
For he is God who nourishes and sustains all, and does good to all,
and prepares food for all his creatures, which he created.
Blessed are you Lord who nourishes all.