The Right Way To Fight?

Psalm 68


Its not about what you feel, its never going to be about what you feel, so stop trying once and for all making it about the way you feel.
Make it about what you know, what you know God is capable of! And what's God capable of? EVERYTHING!!!

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Are your feeling like your in the fight of your life? You've done all you know to do to no avail. Do you feel like your facing a battle against a giant? Did a mountain of a problem get dumped on your front door step? And now you're just tired of fighting! Are you fighting the right way? Why are you the one doing the fighting?

When the world drops you to your knees that's the right place to be to start fighting the right way, in prayer! Is your spouse, sibling or parent that you are arguing with the real enemy? Or maybe the battle is your health, or a mountain of debt, or you have lost your home, or family, or everything.

The children of Israel had been through a lot. They had been through slavery, they saw the miracles God performed which delivered them from Egypt and they came to the promised land and forget who it was that had delivered them! Scared of the giants, and other inhabitants of the land God had promised to them. So they ended up wandering in the desert, with no real home for 40 years. It took them that long to learn that all their effort would have been wasted energy! They finally learned at the walls of Jericho that when they just be obedient and let God do the fighting for them, the battle was so much easier! And for that, they were thankful!

Our amble through the Bible today is the psalm of praise and thanksgiving, Psalm 68. It tells us to Enjoy God, cheer when you see him! There is nothing that god can’t do, everything is possible for him who believes, in the God of the impossible. Amen? Amen!

Our spirit says Amen with one breath and unfortunately our human nature says that we have to 'keep on truckin', stay in the battle, keep fighting. This Psalm says that's not right, instead our Amen should be followed by, "Let God arise and Let His enemies be scattered! When the righteous see God in action, they’ll laugh, they’ll sing, they’ll laugh and sing for joy.

Why? Because they know with God, NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE!! The greatest weapon that we have in the war against not only the enemy, but with everything we will ever face, is God himself! He’s the one who makes all things possible!!

Most New Zealanders are D.I.Y. Independent spirits especially the men, we tend to be a we can fix it ourselves, type of people, innovative with a I'll fix it with a bit of duct tape and number 8 wire and "she'll be right" mate attitude. But sometimes we need to let God get it done! And the longer a person takes to make that realization, the longer their fighting a needless battle!

God is fighting my battle right now, on several fronts, He said it's His battle not mine, I just have to remember when the dust settles and God fixes the situation to give Him the glory and praise! I'm not waiting to praise Him, I'm praising Him even while He is still fixing it. It is NOT easy it is a sacrifice of praise, and it is far too easy to let pain and hurt cause me to wade into battle again but I don't want to be 40 yrs in the wilderness. What about you?