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I have heard Christians saying to others that their prayers did not get answered because they were not asking in harmony with God’s will. I don't believe this, I believe every prayer is answered - sometimes the answer is NO! If you are a Christian and have asked Jesus into your heart and made him Lord of your life then you are God’s child. God is your parent and He answers all your prayer’s even the ones out of his Harmony. If you ask for something God actually disapproves of and you know it - then you are not acting as a Chistian and aren't walking with Him so don't expect His help. If you are asking for the wrong motives, or out of a purely selfish desire as stated in our New Testament reading today, you are making yourself God's enemy - its that simple. If you don't know whether he would approve or not then seek His opinion. Go to the Bible first, then seek wise counsel, then ask Him for a sign.

A good parent, wants to heap blessings on their children, you want to give them all the things they need and at least some of the things they want if you can. If they asked you for the moon and you could get it for them, you would. But if your child wakes up during the night at 2am with a nightmare and asks you for ice cream what is your answer as a parent going to be? If you are a good parent it is “No, how about I get you a nice warm glass of milk, you have a cuddle and you go back to bed.“

You are not going to give your child something that isn’t good for them, or when it is not the right time for them to have it. You say, “No” and give them what they really need. God is a good parent and if we ask Him for something that He knows isn’t good for us – HE SAYS NO!

There are times in our lives, when we are dealing with trials and walking through the roughest, darkest of storms, maybe even the valley of the shadow of death. When we cry out to God pleading with Him to calm the storm and we know that we are asking in perfect harmony with his will because He loves us and yet He says, “NO! My Grace is sufficient for you. Trust me!” We walk on and he walks through the storm with us…..or sometimes carries us through it and we just have to cling on to Him taking it down to one day at a time, one hour at a time, one breath at a time. Until either he carries us Home or the storm ends.

One day we will understand why He said, “No”. He promises us that nothing will remain hidden. So remember God answers every prayer, but sometimes the answer is “NO” and sometimes it is “WAIT” because the time is not right or He has something better planned for us. But like any parent He loves saying “YES” to his children, He loves being able to give us the desires of our hearts, and He answers every prayer.