MATINS - Midnight Prayer


Psalm 61

  1. Hear my cry, O God;
    listen to my prayer.
  2. From the end of the earth I call to you,
    when my heart is faint.
    Lead me to the rock
    that is higher than I;
  3. for you are my refuge,
    a strong tower against the enemy.
  4. Let me abide in your tent for ever,
    find refuge under the shelter of your wings.Selah
  5. For you, O God, have heard my vows;
    you have given me the heritage of those who fear your name.
  6. Prolong the life of the king;
    may his years endure to all generations!
  7. May he be enthroned for ever before God;
    appoint steadfast love and faithfulness to watch over him!
  8. So I will always sing praises to your name,
    as I pay my vows day after day.


Heavenly Father,
Damien, despite the danger,
choose to love the despised leper,
bringing physical assistance and spiritual comfort,
along with law and order,
guided by love,
until his last breath.
Help us to love to the very end and,
in the strength of the Spirit,
to persevere in compassion for the poor and forgotten,
so that we might be good disciples of Jesus


Thank Him for 3 things that happened today (Good or Not!)


Our Father,
hallowed be your name
on earth as in heaven.

God our judge and our companion,
we thank you for the good we did this day
and for all that has given us joy.
Everything we offer as our humble service.
Bless those with whom we have worked,
and those who are our concern.

The Blessing

May the risen Christ grant us the joy of eternal life.

Let us bless the Lord. Alleluia! Alleluia!
Thanks be to God. Alleluia! Alleluia!