MATINS - Midnight Prayer


Psalm 146:5-10

  1. Happy are those whose helper is the God of Jacob;
    whose hope is in the Lord their God.
  2. who made heaven and earth, the sea and all that is in them;
    who keeps a promise for ever.
  3. who defends the cause of the oppressed;
    and gives food to the hungry.
  4. The Lord sets free the prisoner, and gives sight to the blind;
    the Lord raises up those bowed down,
    and loves those who are just.
  5. The Lord cares for the stranger in the land,
    and sustains the widows and orphans;
    but turns the way of the wicked to ruin.
  6. The Lord shall reign for ever;
    your God O Jerusalem shall reign for all generations,
    O praise the Lord.


Eternal God, creator and ruler of all that is,
we who so much depend
on good and caring government
praise you for Margaret the queen;
for she knew whose minister she was,
and devoted her life to the Scottish people.


Thank Him for 3 things that happened today (Good or Not!)


Our Father,
give us today our daily bread

Look kindly, all-seeing God,
on all who spend this night in anxiety or pain.
Be with those who will die tonight.
Look kindly on those who are without food or shelter,
on those who have no love.
Your will is that we should have life, and share it.

The Blessing

May Christ the King give us his blessing of peace.

Let us bless the Lord.
Thanks be to God.