Hope deferred makes the heart sick; but when dreams come true at last, there is life and joy. - Proverbs 13:12

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Do you think that proverb is talking about the Hope of acquiring a new material object? The new TV or the latest smart phone….? I don’t think so……what about all those celebrities who made it big time, who had success and every material advantage that they wanted, yet they took their own lives. There is a huge list in Wikipedia of the people who “made it” who “had it all” yet ended it all, so wealth and fame are not the answer.

The truth is external circumstances are not as important as what is inside. The Hope they are I believe referring to is hope of love, hope for a relationship. But before we can love anyone else, we have to learn to love ourselves. Otherwise hope placed in anyone other than Jesus will lead to disappointment. No other human being can meet all your needs. There is a God shaped hole in every person that only God can fill. Some people try to fill it with relationships or sex, but long-term that just doesn’t work.

We all need Hope, Hope not determined by circumstances. God wants to fill us with Hope His Hope is not subject to any circumstances and only He can meet all our needs, if we seek Him first and Trust in Him. The truth is that we are designed to carry Jesus within us and without Him things will never be perfect.

The hope that the world is feeding on is making them sick and disappointed, they strive for money and material goods, for fun and the “warm fuzzies” that come with relationships and sex, but the good feelings are temporary and you will always be striving for the next “new thing”. You will never have enough, but always want more. God knows that we need food, clothing and shelter and He wants us to live life abundantly blessed but without all the stress. He wants us to have his hope in the knowledge that He will always provide for us, here on earth and we the ultimate Hope that heaven awaits us. But we must be ready in season and out of season to share our Hope with others.