TERCE - (Coffee Break)



Bless the Lord, whose name is to be praised,
Our Father who art in heaven,
who has given us his laws,
to show us the error of our ways,
Blessed is his son, Christ the Messiah,
who redeemed us from having broken them.
Blessed are you, O Holy Spirit,
who assists us in sinning no more,
and sustains us in the way of the Lord,
grant us wisdom and understanding this day.

Old Testament Reading - God’s Compassion Despite Israel’s Ingratitude


“When Israel was a child, I loved him as a son and brought him out of Egypt.

basket of flowers

3I trained him from infancy, I taught him to walk, I held him in my arms. But he doesn’t know or even care that it was I who raised him.

4“As a man would lead his favorite ox,a so I led Israel with my ropes of love. I loosened his muzzle so he could eat. I myself have stooped and fed him.

basket of flowers

8“Oh, how can I give you up, my Ephraim? How can I let you go? How can I forsake you like Admah and Zeboiim?a My heart cries out within me; how I long to help you! 9No, I will not punish you as much as my fierce anger tells me to. This is the last time I will destroy Ephraim. For I am God and not man; I am the Holy One living among you, and I did not come to destroy.

. . . . .Hosea 11:1,3-4,8-9
  1. Implied
  2. Admah and Zeboiim, cities of the plain that perished with Sodom and Gomorrah; see Deuteronomy 29:23.


Please remember our Prayer Requests

We pray for all people in their daily life and work;
For our families, friends, and neighbours
and for those who are alone.
For this community,
the nation,
and the world;
For all who work for justice, freedom, and peace.
Hear us, Lord;
For your mercy is great.