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Pray for the ongoing political unrest all over the world at present, that God's wisdom may prevail, and His will be done.


*Pray that there may be peace in the homeland of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Los Angeles, U.S.A.

*Pray for those effected by the devastating fires in Los Angeles. For those who have lost homes, for the brave firefighters and volunteers who are valiantly battling these fires in extreme circumstances. That the winds in Los Angeles, may abate so that the firefighters can get on top of things.

Middle East

*Pray for the ongoing unrest in the Middle East after the death of the ISIS Leader.

New South Wales, Australia

*Pray for those effected by the devastating fires in Mew South Wales, For those who have lost homes, for the brave firefighters and volunteers who are valiantly battling these fires in extreme circumstances.

*Pray for all those effected by other ongoing natural disasters around the world - flooding, cyclones, and earthquakes. Pray that there may be enough rescue workers to give the assistance that is needed. That all the necessary resources reach the people who desperately need them. For all the people who suffer in the aftermath of these events. Pray for wisdom for the leaders of those countries where these things occur, that the events linked to climate change are recognized and plans put in place to turn things around and prevent them occuring as badly again.

*Pray for persecuted Christians in the world. For the missionaries who minister to them, possibly putting their own lives in danger. Pray that everyone, no matter where they are, may be able to worship in freedom. Give thanks that we are able to do this, and not to take it for granted.

*Pray that all those who want a Bible may have one.

Our Country

* As we begin another month, give thanks for the ongoing beauty around us. For God’s power in the wind, and the oncoming arrival of summer.

*Pray for our Government and Opposition MP’s, and especially for Christian MP’s - that they may be able to influence their colleagues and also decision making.

*For Prison Ministry, and all those involved in it throughout the country.

*For those who teach Bible in Schools throughout the Nation.

*Pray for enough volunteers to help with the groups that reach out into our wider communities with Jesus love.

Local Government

*Pray for all those who were successful in the recent Local Body elections.

Local Church

*Give thanks for our Parish Fair yesterday. For the organisers and volunteers who worked hard to ensure everything went ahead, and for the people who gave of their time on their day. Pray that it may have been a great success financially.

*Continue to Pray for Bishop Justin, Jenny and their family.

*Pray for the Urban Vision Team. For all they do within our Parish and the wider Diocese.

*Pray for Bishop Ellie and her family.

*Pray for for Justin and Ellie as they share the work load across the Diocese.

*Give thanks for the blessings our amazing Ministry Team give. For their gifts and talents, and their hard work. Pray that they may constantly receive the refreshment they receive in order to do what God leads them to do. Pray for their families and loved ones, that they may also be able to give (and receive) any support they may need. Give thanks for their enthusiasm for what they do for God - and for us.

*Pray for all our house groups within the Parish. For those that take place in the church, and those in homes. For the leaders and all who attend. For the subject matter that is shared.

*Pray for our children and young people. For Nathan and Katie and their Team, and those to whom they minister. Give thanks for the open hearts of these youngsters, and the youth willingness to serve. Give thanks for the joy the children bring us during our services.

*Pray for Christine and Mannie and the people who help them with the Sunday School and creche.

*Pray for our Vestry, volunteers and finances. For those who continue to give sacrificially - both financially and with their talents. For those who help our Parish to run as smoothly as it does, and especially for Annette in the Office and Karyn with our finances.

*Pray for Rosemary Anderson and her family on the recent loss of Allan. Give thanks for Allan’s life and all he did within our Parish and also in the community.

*The fruits of the Spirit are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control. Let us all live by these fruits.

*Jesus is the Light of the World - pray for courage for us to be His light in the world.

Prayer 7's

Pray for all those who use this website to be touched by the Holy Spirit at this time. May God use this work for his glory and Let us all be examples of Christ's love in the world.


We offer thanks and praise to you LORD for blessing this venture,
giving us your support, and inspiration.
We praise you for being, who you are,
that you bless us with what we need often
before we even know we need it.
That your plans for us are so much greater
than anything we could imagine.
Truly may thy will be done in these pages.


If you know of a situation needing prayer support, please message us, if you receive no reply from our contact us page, within a day or two, then email

Some International Prayer requests courtesy of Open Doors, and World Watch Monitor sources.