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This Prayer List is a bit different - just like our lives have been for the last few weeks. The first part will be β€œPRAY FOR” and the second part will be β€œGIVE THANKS FOR”. There is so much for us all to pray for, but there is also a lot to be grateful for. God is on our side!



πŸ™ The Covid 19 Pandemic all over the world. The sick and dying, and those who have been suffering in so many ways. For the leaders and governments of countries who have to grapple with decisions that affect millions of people. For the economic difficulties that will have an ongoing effect for a long time to come. For the increase in cases in especially England and other places in Europe. Pray for the progress in making a successful vaccine. For those people who have suffered loss of loved ones, loss of business and even loss of homes due to financial struggles. The many people who are struggling with day to day living. That people may find ways to adjust their lifestyle with reduced resources.


πŸ™ For the wild fires in America right now. The loss of homes and lives as well as land and animals living in the wild. For all the firefighters and rescue services who struggle to get them under control. Those who have lost everything, that they may have food and shelter, and all the help they need. That the extreme conditions may make leaders realise the seriousness of global warming and climate change.

πŸ™ For the racial tension in America at the moment, that no more lives may be destroyed because of ignorance and anger. That emotional wounds may be healed.

For the final days of the U.S.A. election campaign, that politicians may realise that there are sometimes more important things to be dealt with than seeking election or re-election, and people need reassurance. Pray for wisdom and compassion and that they realise the issues right now in the world are so great that ego needs to be put aside.


πŸ™ All members of the World Health Organisation as they cope with the pressure of having to make decisions that affect everyone, no matter where they may live.

3rd World Countries

πŸ™ Those who live in Third World countries, The third world countries who suffer from war and famine, and now the addition of Covid 19. That help may reach those who need it.

Natural Disarsters

πŸ™ The countries that have suffered from natural disasters during this time of isolation from other countries and that have had extreme weather situations.


πŸ™ For refugees in New Zealand, who have been struggling to settle down over this time.

Our persecuted Brothers and Sisters

πŸ™ For persecuted Christians around the world. That racial and religious tensions everywhere may cease.

Our Country

πŸ™ That we may all support local businesses and shops to enable them to keep open. That damage from the recent stormy weather may be minimal.

Local Church

Pray for your local clergy, wherever in the world you happen to be and those servants of God working in your Church and community.For all youth workers For equipping them and their helpers with all they need to support the children and young people in both the school and church situations..

πŸ™ Bishop’s Justin and Ellie. For their individual ministries within the Diocese. For all the Diocesan staff - paid or voluntary.

πŸ™ Blessings also for our other Clergy - Caleb and Billie, Rosemary, Lee, John and Sue. Also for Paul and Ana and Chelsea and Chris as they take on new directions.

Vestry, volunteers and Finances

πŸ™ Annette, Karyn and Tabea in the office – for their work to ensure the Parish can still be run as best as can be. For all the volunteers that help with all that needs to be done. Also for Stephen and Sara, our Wardens.

πŸ™ Our financial situation in the Parish. That all of our bills may be paid and we have enough money for mission work as well as work within the Parish.

πŸ™ For the upcoming Parish Fair, that it may be successful financially and withing the community. Pray for all those who are preparing goods for sale, and are going to be working on the day.



πŸ™ The essential workers that put their lives on the line every day so that we may have medical treatment and services and are able to put food on the table.

πŸ™ For all the Churches that have made available live streamed services over the last few weeks. Especially over the Easter period, which is so meaningful and important to us all. Still shepherding their flocks, bringing teaching and comfort. For all those behind the scenes who make these services possible.

πŸ™ God’s creation is still going on around us. For us in the Southern Hemisphere, the beauty of the autumn leaves, the fine and sunny days. For those in the Northern Hemisphere for the budding of spring and the greening of the earth and the birth of new life it brings in nature. For us all the sun during the day and the moon and stars at night.

πŸ™ God loves us so much during this difficult time, and he shares our pain, fear and grief. His shoulders are large enough to embrace the world - it is natural to worry, but it is also a burdon we need not bear, give the worries to Him.

πŸ™ The Pastoral Care Teams in Parishes and churches worldwide who are reaching out, in whatever way they can while still socially distancing to make contact and make sure we are doing ok.

πŸ™ Give thanks for our worldwide family of God, loved by God and by each other. One day there will be a "new normal" and we will all be able to celebrate together and give thanks that because of this virus, we may find that family has expsnded.

πŸ™ Our bubbles. That these last few weeks have brought families together, and strengthened relationships.

New Zealand

πŸ™ The arrival of spring, despite the strong cold winds, and the rain. For new life around us everywhere. That we live in a beautiful and relatively safe country here in New Zealand.

πŸ™ New Zealand leading the world in Covid 19 recovery.

πŸ™ That the weather has been wonderful during the last few weeks while families have been in their bubbles. It enabled children to be able to go outside to play and get fresh air. The families who have taken advantage to go out for walks or bike rides.

πŸ™ That the Kiwi spirit won out and the vast majority of us have made the best of a bad situation. We have found ingenious ways of expressing our creativity, keeping up our sporting lives and expressing ourselves in a multitude of ways.

Local Church

Vestry, volunteers and Finances

πŸ™ All those in our parish who continue to volunteer and serve with willing hearts. All our paid staff who give of their time and talents to keep things running smoothly. For the appointment of Din as our new Parish Administrator.

πŸ™ Our families, friends and loved ones and our church family. Our Wardens and Vestry and those who work in the Parish Office - paid or voluntary. That they may be blessed in all they do to lead us as a parish and to support Billy and Caleb and our other clergy in all they do. That we in turn are blessed by them.

πŸ™ Everyone in the Parish who work behind the scenes. So much is done by many that we don’t even know about. Our Parish is so fortunate to have people with loving and giving hearts.

πŸ™ For those who lead groups within the Parish. That they cope with the changes that Covid 19 continues to challenge us all with. For those who attend and are in turn blessed by the teaching and fellowship.

πŸ™ Our Parish being involved in live streaming in the Diocese every month. That our leadership and music team may reach out and touch the hearts of those who watch.

πŸ™ That we have an amazing God who loves us in all situations and no matter how bad things may seem.

Prayer 7's


We offer thanks and praise to you LORD for blessing this venture,
giving us your support, and inspiration.
We praise you for being, who you are,
that you bless us with what we need often
before we even know we need it.
That your plans for us are so much greater
than anything we could imagine.
Truly may thy will be done in these pages.


If you know of a situation needing prayer support, please message us, if you receive no reply from our contact us page, within a day or two, then email

Some International Prayer requests courtesy of Open Doors, and World Watch Monitor sources.