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The first part will be β€œPRAY FOR” and the second part will be β€œGIVE THANKS FOR”. There is so much for us all to pray for, but there is also a lot to be grateful for. God is on our side!



πŸ™ The Covid 19 Pandemic all over the world. The sick and dying, and those who have been suffering in so many ways. For the leaders and governments of countries who have to grapple with decisions that affect millions of people. For the economic difficulties that will have an ongoing effect for a long time to come. For those people who have suffered loss of loved ones, loss of business and even loss of homes due to financial struggles. The many people who are struggling with day to day living. That people may find ways to adjust their lifestyle with reduced resources. In the light of the new varient for which there is No Vaccine that works yet, pray.


πŸ™ Please pray for the Compassionate Centre for the Poor in India who are working to assist their community, especially widows, and children, with Education, and free medical care.


πŸ™ Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for Israel as unrest between Syria and Israel has worsened this week and shows signs of escalating, we need to pary that it does not. Remember that praying a blessing on Jerusalem and Israel actually blesses you - God promised Abraham to bless those who pray a blessing on Israel and Jerusalem.


πŸ™ The ongoing war with Russia, affects not just soldiers but ordinary people. It has lasted over a year and there are unconfirmed reports of over 65,000 Russian atrocities. Pray for the people of the Ukraine


πŸ™ Give thanks to God for the outpouring of His Spirit that brought revival to Asbury University recently with thousands of people joining in prayer. The outpouring this time spread to some extent worldwide - through the power of Social Media. Gods word and revival is never wasted - So also is my word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It shall accomplish all I want it to and prosper everywhere I send it. - Isaiah 55:11. So lift to God all those touched by the Asbury Revival that God would bless them and use them mightily in His service.


πŸ™ All members of the World Health Organisation as they cope with the pressure of having to make decisions that affect everyone, no matter where they may live.

Our persecuted Brothers and Sisters

πŸ™ For persecuted Christians around the world. That racial and religious tensions everywhere may cease.

Our Country


πŸ™ Pleae continue to pray for those still recovering from the effects of both the Pandemic and Cyclone Gabrielle. Some have lost loved ones and so many have lost homes others their entire incomes as orchards and farms were destroyed.

πŸ™ Pleae pray for the people of Kawerau and towns nearby dealing with clusters of aftershocks/earthquakes.

Local Church

Pray for your local clergy, wherever in the world you happen to be and those servants of God working in your Church and community.For all youth workers For equipping them and their helpers with all they need to support the children and young people in both the school and church situations..

πŸ™ Bishop’s Justin and Ellie. For their individual ministries within the Diocese. For all the Diocesan staff - paid or voluntary.

πŸ™ Blessings also for our local Clergy - especially Rev Graham Conlon, as he settles into his new position, getting to know the people and parish of Marton.

Vestry, volunteers and Finances

πŸ™ Pray for the administration staff of your Church – who keep things running smoothly. For all the volunteers that help with all that needs to be done. Especially for those reaching out and working in Pastoral Care.

πŸ™ Your churches finances. That all of the bills may be paid with enough left for mission work locally and overseas.



πŸ™ The essential workers that put their lives on the line every day so that we may have medical treatment and services and are able to put food on the table.

πŸ™ For all the Churches that have make available live streamed services providing comfort, guideance and the opportunity for shut-ins, the bedridden, and those in lockdown to still worship and be a part of the global family of Christ.

πŸ™ God’s creation that is still going on around us.

πŸ™ God loves us so much during this difficult time, and he shares our pain, fear and grief. His shoulders are large enough to embrace the world - it is natural to worry, but it is also a burdon we need not bear, give the worries to Him.

πŸ™ The Pastoral Care Teams in Parishes and churches worldwide who are reaching out, in whatever way they can.

πŸ™ Give thanks for our worldwide family of God, loved by God and by each other.

New Zealand

πŸ™ Our gevernment having worken up to the impact that the rising price of food is having on New Zealand families. That they have extended the freeze on petrol/transport costs and are looking further at other ways to help. It is rediculous that food made in New Zealand costs more here than it does overseas.

Local Church

πŸ™ Our families, friends and loved ones and our church families.

πŸ™ Everyone in the Parish who work behind the scenes. So much is done by many that we don’t even know about. Our Parish is so fortunate to have people with loving and giving hearts.

πŸ™ For those who lead groups within the Parish. That they cope with the changes that continue to challenge us all. For those who attend and are in turn blessed by the teaching and fellowship.πŸ™ That we have an amazing God who loves us in all situations, and is bigger than our circumstances, whatever they maybe.

Prayer 7's


We offer thanks and praise to you LORD for blessing this venture,
giving us your support, and inspiration.
We praise you for being, who you are,
that you bless us with what we need often
before we even know we need it.
That your plans for us are so much greater
than anything we could imagine.
Truly may thy will be done in these pages.


If you know of a situation needing prayer support, please message us, if you receive no reply from our contact us page, within a day or two, then email