God is Love

5th Sunday of Easter


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God is Love, 5th Sunday of Easter

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Did you know God invented marriage. It was not something that evolved to protect mothers and children as some of those who believe in the THEORY of evolution teach, it was actually instituted by God all the way back in Genesis. Right throughout the creation process described in Genesis, after each step in the creation process God pauses a moment and examines his work and blesses it – he pronounces that it is good. So the first time God ever pronounces that anything is not good, is significant, it is that man is not good alone.

Then the LORD God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper as his partner.” - Genesis 2:18

So it is equally bad that a woman be alone, we were designed to be in partnership with a man – we were never intended to be alone, it is NOT good. Thousands of women, deserve medals for their courage and strength as they struggle, raising children alone. Too many men, think that they can get a woman pregnant and bow out of the picture. Some teenage girls deliberately get pregnant thinking they will finally have someone to love them, who won't walk out the door; or that living on a benefit will be easier than getting a job, they don't realise how difficult it is being a parent.

Many that do make a commitment and marry, don't view marriage as a covenant made before God, a sacred trust to be nurtured and protected they think they can just up and leave on any whim. 'Till death or divorce do us part'. They don't understand the hurt, damage and pain they are causing to their partners, to their children and to themselves. Too many have become lazy, they don't want to put in the required effort it takes to repair broken relationships, they blame their partner and just move on to find a new person. But if they have not addressed the problems that caused the breakdown in the realtionship - history is liable to repeat.

One of our readings today talks about the fact that God is love, and marriage is His plan. But relationships take work, even your one with God! How can show your love to someone, if you never spend any quality time with them? The same applies to all your relationships. Don't expect anyone to know you or love you if you constantly reject them.