Social Services Sunday


Te Pā Pori, Wellington City Mission’s newest supported transitional housing facility.

Alex Cassels, was converting his landmark property into boutique accommodation when Covid-19 struck. With no more tourists, it made sense to re-purpose the building. Missioner Murray Edridge had a chat to him about the Mission’s plans to impact homelessness. We could see that the zebra building could play a big part in that. He agreed, and continued the renovation without changing the nature of the refurbishment. How cool is that!

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Today Anglicans across Aotearoa, New Zealand and Polynesia will celebrate Social Service Sunday. This annual commemoration offers us the opportunity to remember and to celebrate the myriad of ways Anglicans and our brothers and sisters in Christ in other denominations. are reaching out with loving service throughout the country to those in need.

Our Anglican Church has many different programmes reaching out to assist those who need help in our communities, throughout New Zealand. They can all be found under the umbrella of the THE ANGLICAN CARE NETWORK.

I invite you to pause and consider the many ways God cares for you and meets your needs. As we give thanks for God’s gracious provision in our lives. I want to remind you all of the call to share what we have with others and to stand in solidarity with those who are on the margins of our society. We are inspired to love and care for others because God first loves us.

It is so easy to feel overwhelmed by the need we see around us and by the gospel imperative to respond. The scale of the task can paralyse our efforts to help and leave us with a sense of frustration – with the situation itself and with those who find themselves in need of our help. The reality of others’ need can threaten our own sense of comfort and entitlement. Further the kind of assistance we give to others must be tempered by the fact that we need to protect our own families, especially those of us with young children. Helping others can sometimes be difficult and uncomfortable. But there is always some way you can help.

One person can make a difference! By focusing on what we have received by grace, we can be encouraged and inspired to be a part of God’s transformational action in the world. You can be part of the solution.