Feast of Christ in All Creation

Thanksgiving for Creation and Redemption


Feast of Christ in All Creation
Thanksgiving for Creation and Redemption
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Adam and Eve evicted from Eden.

Picture courtesy of lavistachurchofchrist.org.

Creation stories help us to make sense of the world we live in and offer guidance as to how we might relate to God, to the world, and to one another. The creation story, today's Old Testament Reading and Gospel Reading, affirms certain points:

  • God is the creator of the cosmos.
  • The Word of God is the agent of creation.
  • Everything that God created is very good.
  • Humans are part of the created cosmos.
  • Humans have a role in the created cosmos.

It was our job to care for the Garden (the planet) and tend it, and the animals! We disobeyed our Creator and essentially, we were fired and evicted from our position. Yet over the centuries, man has somehow thought he still had the job - still had dominion of the earth. WE GOT EVICTED!! We have absolutely no RIGHT to continue to destroy the planet, just because we can! We no longer have full dominion.

In Romans, Paul speaks of the redemption of the whole of creation. Just as humanity's sin has infected the whole of society and the whole of history, so too it had an effect on creation. At heart, the climate change issue, the environmental crisis and the sad situation of many threatened animal species are spiritual issues. Human greed for power and wealth is what has brought us to the crisis. While acknowledged now by governments to be a real crisis, the root causes of it are never really addressed. These agreements to cut carbon emissions etc, good as they look to be, are really just putting a sticking plaster over the infection without removing the thorn causing it.

Greed and sin will not be conquered, except by Christ, and until his return when every knee shall bow and every tongue confess, they will rampage through the world, causing havac, distress, and destruction. We need to support Government and other organisations efforts to sustain the planet as much as possible until then. But True change (repentance) only comes through Christ. Only when we turn to Christ, acknowledge our wrongdoing, and commit ourselves to follow him, will we really desire to live in harmony with creation instead of at war with it. Indeed the whole of creation groans with longing for his return.