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The Carribbean

Pray for all those effected by the Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Puerto Rico and 6 other Carribean Islands are in Crisis. Puerto Rico is facing humanitarian and public health crises, with serious shortages of food and potable water, and homes and most hospitals still without power. Barbuda, which had to be evacuated, remains uninhabitable, Dutch St. Martin, where 90 percent of the buildings were damaged, this hurricane season has been brutal. Dominica Prime Minister stated “Domonica is going to need all the help the world has to offer”. The US Virgin Islands, the British Virgin Islands, and Cuba were also seriously banged up in the storms.


Mexico suffered an 8.1 earthquake then got hit by Hurricane Katia on top of it. The earthquake alone took lives, the damage is immense please pray for families of the victims, the rescue workers and volunteers who are valiantly trying to help. Pray that help may reach those who need it. Let us not forget that lives will continue to be affected long after the flood waters recede and the clean up begins. May God give the right answers to those asked, "Why does God let this happen?"

North Korea

Tensions have been brewing between North Korea and the USA for some time now. The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has reported that Prime Minister Turnbull recently promised to invoke the ANZUS treaty if North Korea attacked the United States. NZ forces could be drawn in along with Australian, lets pray that a glimmer of sanity comes to the situation.


Pray for the victims of the ongoing terrorism around the world. For the families of those who have died. Let us also have the grace to pray for the terrorists. Pray that these acts would not incite further hatred. That the terrorists may encounter the love of Jesus in their lives.


Pray for the racism in the USA currently as Kamala Harris, a young, black, rising star within the Democratic party said on Sunday from the pulpit of one of America's oldest churches, “Racism is real in this country,” she said, “sexism is real in this country, homophobia is real … antisemitism is real.” None of those are good, all foster hatred and antisemitism brings a curse with it. Pray that it will be exposed and the righteous will stand up against hatred.

Las Vegas Shooting

There has been a mass shooting at a Las Vegas Country Music Festival, 59 people are dead and another 527 were wounded. Please pray for the families of the victims, the wounded and there families, including those also suffering mental truama from this horrible, frightening experiance.


Pray for us those we know who are suffering in body, mind or spirit right now. For the staff of our Hospitals, our G.P's and pharmacies. For all who have struggled with illness over recent weeks.

Our Nation


Give thanks for God's creation around us as we enjoy the arrival of spring. For the beauty of spring flowers, and the new life around us with baby lambs. For the longer and warmer days now Daylight Saving has started.

Our Government

Pray for our local MP's as they, "chew their nails" awaiting the final outcome of this election. May a true measure of wisdom descend on the experianced shoulders of Winston Peters, may the "fish be biting" and may you help him bear the heavy burden of choosing who to side with in forming a Coalition Government and may all those concerned do so with maturity and integrity.

The Church

Continue to Pray for Bishop Justin and his family as they continue to seek God's guideance in their preparation to move here to Wanganui. Pray for Assistant Bishop Ellie and her family.

Our City

Local Government

Pray for our Mayor and Councillors, for wisdom and strength in their decision making. That they listen to the people and take their concerns on board. That hearts and minds may be opened to God and that those who are Christians are given the strength to stand up for what they believe.

Local Church

Continue to pray for our new Wanganui Anglican Parish - that we continue to move forward as one. That we all have the grace to get beside those who struggle with change, encouragement to stand beside people as they find a place in the new regime, the confidence to ask how we can use our skills and gifts to help and acceptance of those who may have different ideas to us. Give thanks for the many people who work behind the scenes, helping things to run smoothly and get things done.

Continue to pray for our Vestry, Wardens and Synod Reps. For wisdom and grace in their decision making. That they may support and encourage each other. Pray that they may have the confindence to speak out, when needed. Pray that they will have the courage to speak out on behalf of us all, dealing with any concerns.

Pray for all our Clergy, Stuart, Sue, Lorraine, Rosemary, and John. Pray for wisdom and grace and encouragement for all of them as they also adapt to the changes and challenges our new larger parish brings. Pray that they receive the support and help that they may need. May we all realize that they may not have the answers as to what the future of the new Parish holds. Give thanks for all that happened at Synod.


Please pray for Matthew who has cancer, he has 2 tumours in his brain and doctors have said it is terminal. Please pray for his salavation and healing, Jesus may have other plans for him than what the doctors are saying.


Give thanks for all our families, friends, and loved ones who have an impact on our lives.

Help us to Give God the glory and realise that we are all a part of a bigger plan that we do not understand. Pray for us all to have to strength and wisdom to cope with the struggle of everyday living.

Pray that we may have the grace to reach out to those who are not as fortunate as we are. Give thanks that most of us have all that we need - warmth, shelter, food and families. Let us never take that for granted and share what we can with those who are not so blessed.

Give thanks that we have a God who loves us all unconditionally and only wants the best for us. Let us all become God's light in the world among all those around us.

Prayer 7's

Pray for all those who use this website to be touched by the Holy Spirit at this time. May God use this work for his glory and Let us all be examples of Christ's love in the world.


We offer thanks and praise to you LORD for blessing this venture,
giving us your support, and inspiration.
We praise you for being, who you are,
that you bless us with what we need often
before we even know we need it.
That your plans for us are so much greater
than anything we could imagine.
Truly may thy will be done in these pages.


If you know of a situation needing prayer support, please message us, if you receive no reply from our contact us page, within a day or two, then email

Some International Prayer requests courtesy of Open Doors, and World Watch Monitor sources.